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A photo taken down a street from second story vantage point, in Osaka, Japan. Buildings line the street, and power lines cross from one side to the other. Only cyclists and pedestrians can be seen on the street.

Hello Blogosphere!

My name is Simon Laroche. I am a web developer, and today I begin my blogging journey.

I’ve been making websites since I was 11 years old. If it were not for blogging I would not be where I am today. I’m inspired by the people who shared their knowledge and helped make the web what is today. I want to help continue that by spreading knowledge through my own words.

User‑generated content today has an anarchic quality. An extension of the DIY ethic of punk culture, ... a reaction against the mass‑media machine. (Jim Boulton, 180)

Social media sites have more users than ever, it’s unimaginable. It has allowed our culture to communicate in ways like never before. As life changing as these sites are, they are also restrictive. They are addictive in nature, and give users and creators little back. Owning my content means I have full control of it in every way. I am not forced to have my article behind a subscription nag pop‑up.

A little about me

I am a web geek, I grew up making websites, playing classic FPS games, and creating YouTube videos with no audience. As a responsible big kid, I now work in the multimedia industry creating websites for some of the biggest brands in Quebec. On my lunch breaks, I sometimes take pictures, a hobby that I spend too much time and money on. When I’m not working I’m spending time with my significant other, Melissa, and our daughter.