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My Tetris collection - 8 years of collecting the worlds most ported game

Simon caught collecting in the wild.

My collection started modestly, with the purchase of a used Tetris Axis from Game Stop in 2013. It would be the game I play during my lunch breaks. A year later I started to really get into the TGM series, and purchased the most expensive games in my collection, TGM1 and TGM2.

I was inspired by Heidi's collection, Rhod's collection and many others. I started collecting the cheapest Tetris carts I could find. While I had a small collection going, I didn't consider myself a collector yet.

The result of spending coffee money to buy a few Game Boy and console versions of Tetris.

During a trip to Japan in 2017, I acquired my first boxed versions of Tetris from used games stores. I had so much fun searching stores, and researching Japanese versions, I got hooked. I became a Tetris collector, and for the next few years dedicated a large chunk of time collecting, researching, and documenting various versions of Tetris.

About the collection

You might have heard that the game Tetris Attack is a rebrand of the game Panel de Pon. Other than having squares in a playfield, it plays nothing like Tetris, and in my opinion is not a Tetris game. Other games like this are Tetris Flash, Tetrisphere, and Tetris 2. These are games you wont see in my collection as they generally don't interest me.

All images in this page are photographs I took of my personal collection.


  1. Nintendo home consoles
  2. Nintendo handhelds
  3. Sega home consoles
  4. Sony
  5. Microsoft
  6. Computer
  7. Other devices
  8. Dedicated devices
  9. Arcade
  10. Soundtracks
  11. Ephemera
  12. Books
  13. Apparel
  14. Misc

Nintendo home consoles

Nintendo Entertainment System

Tetris (Nintendo)

The classic everyone knows, sometimes even called "Original Tetris". While it is not the original or even the first commericial release, it has become a staple in the Tetris community following the CTWC events held annually.

Tetris (Tengen)

Sometimes also called the illegal version, this version was the subject of a lawsuit between Nintendo and Atari in 1988. It was released before the Nintendo version by a few months, and sold hundreds of thousands of copies before being ordered by the court to cease the sale of the game.

It is often said this version is superior, as it has a few extra modes and multiplayer, however the gameplay is generally less fluid, and with enough skill becomes easily played forever.

Original cart, and reproduction box.

Super Nintendo Entertainment System

Tetris & Dr. Mario

The remake of the classic. This version eluded me for quite some time, as I refused to pay over $100 for it. I eventually found one for sale locally and was lucky enough to nab it for a good price.


Tetris (Tengen license)

February 21, 1989, Henk meets with Evgeni Belikov, and finds out that the license of Famicom Tetris is wrong. The license is changed soon after on all printed games.

Tetris (Nintendo license)

Tetris 2 + Bombliss

Super Famicom

Super Tetris 2 + Bombliss

Super Tetris 2 + Bombliss (Gold cartridge)

Tetris Battle Gaiden

One of my favorites, it definitely needs a remake.

Super Tetris 2 + Bombliss: Limited Edition

Super Tetris 3

Super Tetris 3 Hori Multitap

A Tetris version of the Super Famicom multitap. It allowed you to play the Familiss game mode in Super Tetris 3 with 3 or 4 players.

Virtual Boy


Nintendo 64

The New Tetris

The game that introduced us to the hold mechanic. It was also subject of some contriversy after hackers found hidden messages in the game.

Tetris 64

A special mode in this game required a unique accessory, the bio sensor, and official N64 accessory. This was the only game to support it.

Magical Tetris Challenge

Nintendo Switch

Puyo Puyo Tetris

Tetris 99

Puyo Puyo Tetris 2

Nintendo handhelds

Pokemon Mini

Pokemon Tetris

Game Boy

Tetris (JP, v1.0)

Tetris (JP, v1.1)

Tetris Plus

Tetris Plus (JP)

Gameboy Color

Tetris DX

Tetris DX (JP)

Magical Tetris Challenge

Magical Tetris Challenge (JP)

Gameboy Advance

Tetris Worlds

Tetris Worlds (JP)

Tetris Advance

Nintendo DS

Tetris DS

Tetris Party Deluxe

Nintendo 3DS

Tetris Axis

Tetris Ultimate

Puyo Puyo Tetris

Sega home consoles


Tetris Plus

Tetris S

Tetris S (Sakotore)


Sega Tetris

Tetris 4D

The Next Tetris: On-line Edition

Tetris K


Sony PlayStation

Tetris X

Tetris X

Tetris with Card Captor Sakura

Tetris Plus

Tetris Plus (Greatest Hits)

Tetris Plus

Tetris Plus

Magical Tetris Challenge

The Next Tetris

The Next Tetris

The Next Tetris DLX

The Next Tetris

The Next Tetris (Pizza Hut demo)

Superlite 1500 Series: The Tetris

Sony PlayStation 2

Tetris Kiwamemichi

Sega Ages 2500 series vol.28 Tetris Collection

Tetris Worlds

Sony PlayStation 4

Tetris Effect



Tetris Worlds

Xbox 360

Tetris the Grand Master Ace

Tetris Evolution


Tetris (Commodore 64)

Tetris (NEC PC-8801)

Tetris (Panasonic U1)

Tetris Classic

Super Tetris

Super Tetris 2 + Bombliss

Tetris Jr.

Kids Tetris

Vs. Tetris

Tetris Worlds


Tetris Elements

The Next Tetris

The Next Tetris (JP)

Other devices

Philips CD-i


Fun fact, I actually have the world record for this version on Twin Galaxies.

Bandai WonderSwan Color



The Next Tetris

The Nuon version of The Next Tetris is probably one of the rarest Tetris games out there simply because it was not widely distributed. The failure of the Nuon, paired with the Toshiba Nuon player exclusivity, meant that the number of people who actually bought this version is very low.

Shown here is my replica version, which includes the disc.

Sharp Wizard

Tetris (Sharp Wizard)

Palm OS & Pocket PC

Tetris Handmark

Dedicated devices

3 Minute Tetris

3 Minute Tetris Bank

Tetris Jr. (Gold)

Tetris Jr. 2

Tetris Jr. III

Tetris Mini

Tetris MicroCard


Minna no Tetris (Pink) (Transparent)

Arcade Classics Tetris


Arcade Classics Tetris (Walmart exclusive)

Tetris Radica

Tetris 360

Retro Go Portable Tetris

Tiny Arcade Tetris

Micro Arcade Tetris

Tetris Time

Tetris Brick


Tetris (Atari)

Tetris (Sega System 16 B)

Tetris (Taito H-System)

Tetris Plus

Tetris Plus 2

Tetris The Grand Master

Tetris The Grand Master 2

The most expensive game in my collection is Tetris The Absolute The Grand Master 2 Plus. It probably also has the longest title.

Tetris The Grand Master 3


Tetris Effect unofficial OST

Flashpoint / Bloxeed OST


Team Dekaris

New Century


Tetris 99 Stickers

TGM3 Flyer


Tetris GB Guidebook

Tetris Battle Gaiden Official Guide Book

Tetris Book

Alexey Pajitnov biography


Comes with Alexey biography

Tetris: The Games People Play

Tricks of the Classic NES Tetris Masters

The Tetris Effect


The Pin Prick

Harddrop keychain

Puma Tetris shoes

Only and Sons

Tetris Melt

Brick Compatible

Tetris Pattern

Tetris T-Shirt by Zara

CTWC T-Shirt

Pinfinity Tetris pins


Puyo Puyo Tetris promo dvd

Puyo Puyo Tetris promo dvd

Tetris Coin

Tetris Worlds GBA Boxes

Tetris phone card

Tetris Battle Gaiden cards