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A photo showing three boxed games neatly arranged against a black backdrop. The first game is Tiny Arcade Tetris, second is Minna no Tetris, and the third is Micro Arcade Tetris.

Tetris collection update, Plug-n-Play!

Why can't I, hold all these Tetri?

How on earth do I keep getting more Tetris games? Well it was my birthday last week, and my wonderful fiancée got me these two Super Impulse Tetris toys, Tiny Arcade Tetris and Micro Arcade Tetris.

She got them from Amazon, but were shipped from the states. I find it weird that these are still not available in Canada, so sadly she had to pay a premium for them.

They are quite fun. If it's not evident, they are the exact same game with very minor differences in sound quality and options. The controls on the arcade version are very finicky, and easy to mistakenly hard drop a piece. There is an option to disable hard drop, if that is a compromise you are willing to make.

The speed caps at something quite slow, so it's easy to manage. With that said, there was nothing stopping me from maxout out the score counter.

The Tiny Arcade Tetris device laying flat on a surface with the highscores screen showing. The screen shows the title 'High Scores' and lists the following three scores: 1 SIM 999999, 2 AAA 25197, 3 AAA 826.

Micro Arcade Tetris maxout

Minna no Tetris is something I didn't expect to like as much as I did, but ever since it's been plugged into our TV we haven't stopped playing. It has slightly slow ARR, but the rest of the game feels great to play. It has tons of modes which we haven't explored all yet, but our favorite is coop marathon, a mode which each player plays in their own playfield, and work towards the same score and line goal.