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A small square book on a white background. The cover of the book is black and has the following title in white text, 'The History of Tetris: Of an Alternate Timeline'. A simplified version of the Tetris logo is used in between the title and subtitle.

The History of Tetris: Of an Alternate Timeline


Back in 2018, The Tetris Company unveiled a new logo replacing the familiar Roger Dean version. Each Tetris release usually had a variation of the logo using different colors and interesting design for the subtitle. Excited, I awaited the first game to use the new logo, and what variation we would see.

The first appearance associated to a game release was the official Tetris Royal announcement trailer. The game had already soft launched in New Zealand using the Roger Dean logo. When the game officially launched, the name was changed to just "Tetris" and the plain branding was used instead.

A few other games had retroactive changes, the biggest one being Tetris Effect. This is what inspired the following.


The following is very low effort, and satire. Please do not mistake it for entertainment or facts.

Tetris® for the Nintendo® Game Boy®

A Game Boy cartridge with a label of a modernized Tetris logo.

Tetris® for the Nintendo® Game Boy® Cartridge

The all time classic, it was famously designed jointly by Russian cyber scientists, and Japanese electronic engineers. Little known to most though, the secret sauce, what Tetris™®© is known for, the random pieces, was invented by Grand Master Game Designer: Dr. Henk Rogers. During a last minute meeting with the Japanese engineers, Dr. Rogers outlined a concept now known as quantum random number generation. Without it, pieces in Tetris would always be the same every time you started a new game!

Tetris The Grand Master series

Modernized versions of the Tetris The Grand Master series' logos.

Tetris The Grand Master series logos

This series compilation was released in 2017, almost 8 years after the release of the last TGM title. Sadly no new title has been released since this compilation, and fans are very upset at Mr Mihara.

Mr. Gyro

A 3D render of a neon sign of a Tetris logo with the subtitle Mr. Gyro.

Tetris: Mr. Gyro neon sign

You try to be funny by making mixing the Tetris brand with a random restaurant, but they beat you to it when they did a colab with Sushi Shop.

Tetris Mr. Gyro serves you Gyros. The napkins have Tetris printed on them, that's about the most Tetris part of the whole experience at Tetris: Mr. Gyro.

I'd like to also acknowledge the very nice day we spent hosted by Kevin, and Zach, thank you. We went out to the restaurant in Seattle called Mr. Gyro, the inspiration for this restaurant wall decor.

Philips CD-i

A 3D render of a black monolith Tetris logo floating above water in a cavern.


In 2̸̦͇͂̆̉͘8̷̮͌ȧ̵̰̈́3̶̤̟̙͖̆̐̃ Tetris became sentient, it controls all and we must please Tetris. Tetris does not accept failure. To please Tetris you must put the bloc.


Pop art

A photo of Andy Warhol's Campbell soup paintings but instead of Campbell soup cans it's Tetris logos with different subtitles.

Tetris' Logos
Andy Warhol
(American, 1928–1987)

1962. Synthetic polymer paint on sixteen canvases, Each canvas 20 x 16" (50.8 x 40.6 cm). Overall installation with 3" between each panel is 97" high x 97" wide

Tetris 100

Tetris 100

The hotly anticipated sequel to Tetris 99. Exclusive to next-gen consoles. Moor's law just isn't what it used to be.

4th of July by Tetris®

A modernized version of the Tetris 99 logo but with the 99 replaced by 100, which makes the image funny.

Flag of Tetris: USA

Tetris was invented and made legal by George Washington on July 4th 1603. Every year Tetrimericans celebrate this invention as a national holiday.

Reddit r/Tetris

A logo for the reddit subreddit r/Tetris

r/Tetris logo

Current (or previous, I can't promise it will always be the case, or that I will update this post to reflect any changes. It's also possible you are reading an outdated archive. Wait, maybe you don't even know what Reddit is? Well it's this place where homo sapiens could receive and send messages that would be logged to a central source. It was popular with millennials) logo for r/Tetris.

The Absolute Tournament PLUS

Logo of The Absolute Tournament PLUS 2, over a darkish styalized background, and sparks partially covering the image. Text below the logo reads: 'The Absolute Plus Tournament II ® & © 2021 The Absolute Plus Tournament.
The Absolute Plus Tournament logos
are trademarks of The Absolute Plus Tournament.
The The Absolute Plus Tournament trade dress is owned
by The Absolute Plust Tournament.
Licensed to The Absolute Plus Tournament. All Rights Reserved.'

The Absolute Tournament PLUS II

French player on the left side of your screen, fighting for Hungary is...

I forgot...


A silver soft drink can wich looks like a Diet Coke logo but the logo reads Dtet Tetris

DTET Tetris

Enjoy Tetris, now with calorie free.

Mylar balloons

A screenshot of a 3D render of mylar balloons which are shaped to make up the Tetris logo.

Happy bday Tetris!

Tetris turns 28 today, or does it? The birthday is made up anyway, so why even try to get it right.