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A Tetris The Grand Master 2 arcade printed circuit board.

The Tetris Company, you good?

Update - December 2022

TGM1 has been released on the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation. I believe this article had a significant hand in making that happen.

You're literally sitting on a trilogy of games that people are willing to spend $1000 or more on each!1

A photo of a CD-RW with a hand written text on it saying: 'TGM2TA 2004.8.6 MASTER'.
CD of a canceled TGM2 port for PS2.
Ichiro Mihara

People have been asking for a home port for decades, and its already been canceled three times (TMG1 for PSX, TGM2 for PS2, and TGM-K for PSP). This time around there are rumors for a new home port announcement and it still hasn't happened 6 months later. That's right, an announcement has been delayed over six months and there's no indication that it will even happen.

Releasing a digital download for $60 for a game that is already done, requires so little effort, I cant see why its taking so long.

Not only that, but a mostly complete fourth title has been teased since 2009, are you kidding me? We could've been on game 5 or 6 at this point. If this game ever comes out it'll have one of the longest development times for a video game ever. TTC, I know you like Guinness World Records, but not like this.

The Tetris Company, its time to release the games, we've waited long enough.


  1. Each of the three versions in the TGM Series has at least one recorded sale for over $1000 for the rare and in demand arcade hardware.